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When a word just doesn't look right

  • Me:

    I know I'm going to spell this wrong.

  • Me:

    *squints at screen* there's no red squiggly but that can't be right

  • Me:

    Mozilla check this spelling for me it doesn't look right

  • Mozilla:

    Is there a red squiggly?

  • Me:


  • Mozilla:

    You spelt it right. Moving on.

  • Me:

    that can't be right.

  • Me:

    I'm going to Google

  • Me:

    types word into Google

  • Google:

    Term spelt correctly

  • Me:


  • Me:


  • Me:


  • Me:

    That still doesn't look right.








I just died.

Well. Now I’m crying like a lil bitch.

omfg my house is flooding with my fucking TEARS

Well this is fucking perfect. 

I am so fucking done with this fucking website and fucking cute ass videos and fucking everything I am just fucking over it. 

Can I not die alone.

I love the parents walking them down the aisle. The dad is so cute!!

This is what happiness looks like.

(Source: lezbhonest)

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