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The Vladimir Tiara, Russia,c.1890. Made for Grand Duchess Vladimir, aunt of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II, the tiara was smuggled out of Russia during the Revolution by a British diplomat. In 1921 it was sold by the Grand Duchess’s daughter, Princess Nicholas of Greece, to Queen Mary, who adapted the tiara to take fifteen of the celebrated Cambridge emeralds as an alternative to the original pearls. The tiara was inherited by The Queen from her grandmother Queen Mary in 1953.


6x14 "Memorial"

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this episode? Or more particularly this scene? I have to rewind and watch this scene over and over again because oh god, I’m in awe of how Janeway runs to the commander, furiously shoves one of his soldiers and especially how she just roars at them!! I mean there are no other scenes like this where we hear Janeway scream like that, so horrified and full of rage, it’s just so heartbreaking. Kate Mulgrew did such an amazing job in this.






This is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen

This is so important.  Know your elements before getting tatted.  And if you are tatted you better have this shit memorized.

tattoos are hot.

Uv tatts of runes and symbols up and down my arms….


UV and white ink typically don’t stay though. UV will turn blue or yellow, becoming visible over time. White ink will do the same, turning yellow, more often than not.

(Source: 1337tattoos)

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